Business Law

Running a business in California requires not just offering a product or service and an understanding of the markets, but also compliance with legal requirements. Brian Dennis, Attorney at Law, works with businesses to make sure that they are in compliance with federal and state standards – and offers legal services through all of the stages of a business’s life cycle: formation, ongoing operations, sale and/or termination of the business.

Formation: When starting a business, you will want to decide whether you would like to form your business as a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), limited liability company (LLC), corporation, close corporation, S corporation, or, if applicable, a professional corporation. Brian will walk you through the pros and cons of each type of entity as they relate to your venture and then take all necessary steps to validly form or incorporate your business pursuant to California or other applicable state law.

Ongoing Operations: Most businesses have an ongoing need for legal assistance throughout their existence. This can include the creation and maintenance of corporate minutes, complying with state and federal requirements in your business and trade, drafting and negotiation of contracts related to employment and transactional matters, and other issues. Brian provides businesses with ongoing services to meet their day-to-day legal needs.

Sale, Termination, and Business Succession: When a business is sold, or it simply ceases to be in business, there are still legal requirements that must be complied with by the business. Also, an individual owning a business should take steps to make sure the business he or she worked so hard to build is left in capable hands following retirement or death. Plan to transfer your business to the next generation, or work toward successful termination or sale. Brian will guide you through the legal requirements.

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