Real Estate

Your home: Your most valuable asset

For many people, their home is their most valuable asset. It is also where much of their wealth may be tied up. Many people wish to pass their home on to their heirs without incurring excessive taxes or the costs and delays of the probate process. Brian Dennis, Attorney at Law, can help you or your business with your real estate legal needs.

Real estate: Tax, legal and asset protection ramifications

While many people think about real estate transactions purely in terms of securing as low of a purchase price or as high of a sale price as possible, there are a number of other implications pertaining to ownership of real estate. One major consideration is the different tax implications that may occur with a sale or change in ownership. For example, for income tax purposes, gifts of real property during lifetime may be treated differently than inheritances. Business real property holdings may also present significant tax, legal and asset protection ramifications.

Brian will work with you

In many cases, the manner in which ownership and leases of real estate are legally structured will play a significant role in how that real property is taxed, as well as to whom and how it will be distributed following the death of an owner or co-owner. Whether you are considering buying property or already own it, Brian Dennis, Attorney at Law will work with you to find the best option for holding title to your property (e.g., joint tenancy with right of survivorship, community property, etc.), helping you design the proper ownership structure to accomplish your long-term goals.


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