Hospice Care

If your physician has recommended hospice for you or a family member, you likely have lots of questions concerning such things as how much it costs, how you enroll, and how you can pay for it. Oftentimes, planning for a loved one who has a terminal illness can be complicated and emotionally draining.

It is not uncommon to feel that if you agree to enroll in hospice and/or take the step of putting final wishes into a Will or Trust, that you are somehow conceding your fight with the disease. However, hospice programs encourage patients to make the most of living and enjoying what may be the patient’s last months. While hospice treatment can go on for years, in reality, the patient is dealing with a terminal illness, and they need to get their affairs in order. There are steps which should be taken now to ensure that everyone is protected.

With this in mind, my goal is to provide local families facing this crisis, with legal information that will help them get the best possible care for their loved one during this difficult time period, while helping them to legally protect their hard-earned assets.

Because every family situation is unique, i offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine what steps you should be taking now to legally protect your assets and loved ones. Click here to request your free phone consultation.