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Brian speaks to groups large and small on estate planning and business issues – and conducts workshops, too.  He is also available to consult with people individually on the workshop topics.


    • Follow the Yellow Brick Road … You, Your Business and the Wizard of  Oz

      Join Brian as he discusses the journey that Dorothy took when she sought to find the Wizard.  The movie didn’t highlight estate planning and business issues, but at many turns estate planning and business issues were there to be explored – and Brian explores them in a journey with the audience, calling attention to items which could help their businesses and their families.

    • The Muppets, Your Business and You

      Brian highlights the life of Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, the puppets who not only sensationalized the television show “Sesame Street” but essentially put public television on the map – and talks about Jim’s preoccupation with those puppets, a preoccupation that was so overwhelming that his unexpected death in 1990 at age 53 cost his family half of his $150 million fortune.

    • It’s Time to Talk About Politics and Religion - Use Your Estate Plan to Express Yourself

      We’re taught not to talk about politics and religion in polite company, but there is one place where such discussions are most appropriate: with your lawyer when preparing your estate plan.  Brian reviews key estate planning principals and documents, showing people how they can use charitable giving to express their political values, and how they can incorporate their religious beliefs into their estate planning documents, primarily through their Advance Health Care Directives – the modern estate planning document that deals with issues relating to the remarkable increase in human longevity.


    • Asset Protection: A review of options that help protect your assets in our highly litigious age.
    • Who Owns What? spouses can acquire interests in property and businesses through the application of community property rules. Consultation includes review and clarification of individual and community property issues and their impact on business, pre- and post-marital agreements, and counsel regarding the need for and/or updating of estate plans to consider community and separate property issues.
    • The Business Start-Up: How to form a new business.
    • The Business Buyer: The legal aspects of buying a business that you need to know, from creation of letters of intent to due diligence, financing, contracts, negotiations, and closings.
    • Business Operations: A comprehensive review of legal and business issues facing established businesses, including development of a checklist of individualized legal issues to streamline your business.
    • Business Succession / Sale / Termination: Determining and executing business owner exit strategies in the event of death or disability, passing the business to a successor or buyer, or simply closing the doors.
    • The Professional: Doctors, lawyers, accountants and other licensed professionals need professional licenses in order to engage in business.  And because their businesses require a professional license to operate, the type of business entity they use may be limited – and there are estate planning issues defining how the businesses will be handled upon their deaths, preventing unlicensed spouses and/or family members from continuing business operations. Brian covers the issues related to the specific needs of a licensed professional - during lifetime and after death.
    • The S Corporation Dilemmaspecific attention to estate planning issues that apply to S Corps.
    • Tax Reform and You: makes sense of recent tax reform, and whether and how you can benefit.
    • Use Your Intellect: Technology is changing the world. We’re living through the third Industrial Revolution, and the law is playing catch-up. From trademarks to trade secrets, copyrights to patents, make sure that when it comes to intellectual property, you’re caught up, too.
    • Keep Your Customers Close – and Your Contracts Closer: Discusses the foundational elements that every contract should have.
    • Employee Benefit Planning: Happy employees make for better functioning companies, and employee benefits make for happy employees. From individual and group life, disability and medical insurance, to 401(K) plans, deferred compensation and the beneficiary designation issues that employers need to know about, review employee benefit issues that can help you build morale.
    • Pension Plans: The Last of the Great Tax Shelters: Business and individual pension planning strategies designed to help you save taxes.
    • How to Buy Insurance: Reviews the insurance needs of business owners and the coverage your business may need. Includes what you may need for your personal coverage: property, casualty, liability, life, disability and long-term care insurance.
    • How to Give to Charity: First, consider tax-planning techniques for gifts during your lifetime and through your estate plan – and then tell the charity how to use your money in the way that you want it to be used. Look at both tax and non-tax considerations before you give.
    • The Real Estate Primer: Consultation on the purchase, sale or lease of property, contracts between business owners and business and/or outside parties, as well as advice and review.  Separate help with negotiation is available as needed.
    • Five Extra: Business owners have estate plans similar to non-business owners, but the need may not stop there.  There are five more areas that can affect you and/or your partner’s/partners’ business. From buy-sell agreements to durable powers of attorney and business insurance issues, make sure that you’re aware of them.

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